January 16Introductions/Overview/Guest Speakers
January 23Meet with Expert Users : DRES 
January 30Milestone Labs workshop / Empathetic Design
February 63D printing 101+ Plan your research
February 13 Execute Research Plan + Guest Speaker  on IP issues with 3d Printing
February 203D MODELING with Fusion 360 – Basics – Autodesk Speaker
February 27Fab Lab – Micro-controllers/Laser cutters/Soldering
March 6FabLab Micro-controllers/Laser cutters/Soldering
March 13Fab Lab Micro-controllers/Laser cutters/SolderingProject Proposals Due
March 27Project Review – Mockups
April 3Expert User Feedback
April 10Design Audits and Prototyping.
April 12/13/14Makeathon – All teams to attend over the weekend
April 17Prototype Demo’s/Testing/Iteration
April 24Final Prototype Reviews with expert users
May 1Final Portfolio Presentation